A Curated List of the Best Christmas Movies

Hi all!

And welcome back! Today I’m sharing my curated list of the best Christmas Movies (says Elle). I love getting cozy on a Friday evening, kicking back and relaxing with a great Christmas classic. Add a Douglas Fir scented candle and a cup of hot chocolate and you’re set to hibernate for the winter!

I hope you enjoy my favorite Christmas classics and please leave me a comment with anything you feel I’ve left out (and maybe I’ll find some new ones I don’t know!).

Now grab that blanket and cocoa and pick one of these amazing movies to watch!

In no particular order…

1 | The Grinch - but truly, only the classic. I know this is up for debate but I really am not a fan of the live action but I must say, I did see the new Grinch animated remake and loved it! Benedict Cumberbatch was a truly magical Grinch.

2 | National Lampoon Christmas Vacation - this one is high up on my list of favorites and I absolutely watch it multiple times over the Christmas season.

3 | A Christmas Story - another front runner here and honestly, it plays on repeat the entire 24 hours of Christmas so I would say it is the ultimate Christmas Movie.

4 | The Muppets Christmas Carol - don’t get me wrong, I love the regular Christmas Carol but the Muppets will always hold a special place in my Christmas heart.

5 | Love Actually- perfect Christmas chick flick.

6 | Elf- a classic Christmas comedy and gets me in the Christmas spirit immediately.

7 | Home Alone I and II- I love these movies so much and lost in New York is the perfect film for the holiday spirit.

8 | The Holiday - one of my absolute favorite chick flick Christmas films.

9 | While You Were Sleeping- you can watch this any time of year but it’s totally magic around the holidays. And, hello, Sandra Bullock is a dream!!

10 | White Christmas- favorite classic Christmas film.

11 | Miracle on 34th Street- the older version, not the newer one. No offense to the new one but the older version is Christmas in movie form.

12 | The Shop Around the Corner- I will always, always, always find a reason to watch some version of You’ve Got Mail and if you’ve never seen The Shop Around the Corner you’re missing out. You’ve Got Mail is a spin off from this original movie so if you’re a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fan you need to see the magic of James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan.

13 | Charlie Brown Christmas - need I say more? It’s Charlie Brown and it’s Christmas.

14 | Funny Farm- okay, I LOVE Chevy Chase and honestly this is one of my favorite movies of his. It’s a lesser known but amazing Christmas movie, and so so funny! Thanks dad for introducing me.

15 | Meet Me in St. Louis - again it speaks for itself but bake some cookies and relax to this beautiful love story with its glorious music

Honorable Mention - Santa Claus: my favorite is the second one but it’s absolutely Christmas from start to finish and a sweet story of Christmas cheer.