I Started Using Air Scense and My Life Literally Got Better

So, the title speaks for itself but from the moment I opened this gorgeous package of Air Scense to hours after spraying my apartment, still smelled fresh and delicious. I'm very smell particular and I like to come home to a clean, sweet smelling apartment and Air Scense absolutely delivers. AND the best part is that you know down to the detail what you're filling your air with in your home when you use Air Scense natural odor neutralizer. 

The packaging of their product is perfection down to the detail, even including a personalized HAND WRITTEN letter. I knew the moment I opened this letter from Melissa that there was quality to this product and it was something I could absolutely get behind. 

In addition to the product and personalized touches there is a three page information pack included that shares everything that goes in their products. I love this so much. I love knowing what I'm putting in my home is full of good stuff and makes it smell wonderful. 

To get into the actual scents, it's hard to pick a favorite because they're all perfectly balanced and not overwhelming like many other home scents on the market. 

1 | Orange- with essential oils: smells literally like orange crush soda and it's amazing! 

2 | Lime - with essential oils: the lime is perfect and has a a sugary sweet smell

3 | Lavender - with essential oils: smells beautifully of lavender essential oil and just balanced. 

4 | Vanilla - with essential oils: let me preface but I don't normally enjoy the vanilla scent as it's always too sweet and overpowering to me. I LOVE THIS VANILLA SMELL! It's perfectly balanced and just the right amount of vanilla. 

Additionally included were two Toilet Pre- Sprays. Scent: Lavender Vanilla and Citrus. Both really well balanced and and the perfect addition to any bathroom. 

Melissa has created wonderful scents with an even better ingredient list safe for the home. The care to detail only makes this product the clear choice in my book for scents around the house. Air Scense is a must have in your home! Find the link attached to their website, and do yourself a favor and order right away for a naturally cleaner air freshener for your home with Air Scense.