Recently I've been getting a lot of questions about my skincare routine and I would love to share this amazing product that I've recently been using, bioClarity! 

I ordered my first round of bioClarity through another bloggers referral code to see what all the fuss was about. Now that NYC is getting into the warmer months, I need something a little lighter on my face that is packed full of moisture but not too heavy to clog my pours with the heat. The sauna that is the subway is no joke when it comes to summer spiking temps. 

My must haves in a skin care line are...


1. Great cleanser. I don't wear heavy make up but working multiple jobs around the city creates a lot of build up by the end of the day and I want to feel like my face is truly getting clean with good for my skin products. bioClarity cleanser leaves my face feeling cool, hydrated, and perfectly clean after using. I also appreciate that it takes off any left over mascara without having to use a separate eye cleanser... I don't like too much fuss. 

2. Firming toner. I have pretty "normal" skin; it can be dryer in the winter with the cold NYC temps and oilier in the summer with the heat but I don't deal with too many break outs. For me breakouts come with food related splurges. Bio Clarity offers a Clear Skin Kit but I opted for the Essentials kits which comes with a "Restore" Toner that helps with any color distortion on the face. I have seen significant improvement since using this product and I LOVE the breakdown of product I am using on my face. Their slogan "clean, green, and never mean" is absolutely true! 

3. Moisturizer. or in bioClarity terms "Hydrate".  My moisturizer needs change as the seasons do. In the winter I look for a full face lotion that will deeply hydrate all day despite the cold wind against my face. I usually hydrate my face both morning and evening. In the warmer months, however, I only moisturize once, in the morning and I prefer a lighter feel. bioClarity offers a wonderful hydrating coverage that is just the right texture; not too light, not too heavy. I apply bioClarity's Hydrate in the morning after using their Cleanse and Restore. It gives me just the right amount of moisture for the day but perfectly light for my make up to go on smooth. 

Photo Credit: Brighter Darling

Photo Credit: Brighter Darling

What was first appealing to me about bioClarity was their commitment to natural ingredients in a skincare line. The more I study the more I realize how packed our society is with processed materials including the food we eat, the products we use on our bodies, the cleaning agents we use in our home, our plastic waste, and so much more. As this is impacting our society and our livelihood I appreciate a brand that goes above and beyond to create products full of antioxidants and less processed material. The main ingredient found in bioClarity products is Floralux® that is naturally derived from Chlorophyll, found in most green plant make up. 

I've seen immediate results in using this skincare line and I absolutely get behind their green initiative. I love when a product works and is full of incredible ingredients to make my skin and life better and easier. Check out the link below and sign up today to try bioClarity!