Carry On Necessities

Hi Loves and Welcome back! 

As I'm gearing up for my trip to France next week I'm going to share some of my carry on must haves for all flights. 

1 |Entertainment- this includes Ipad, Books, Laptop, and Magazines. I've downloaded "When Life Gives You Lululemons" and "The Woman in the Window" to my Ipad- I love a good murder mystery, though might not be the best choice when traveling solo. Netflix/HBO Downloads I'm loving right now are Sharp Objects (literally obsessed), The Staircase, The Crown (I know I'm behind), and of course a few episode of Will and Grace in case I need a laugh.

2 | Small Valuables - It's sad but true that valuables can still get stollen in checked bags through the airport so be sure to store any small valuables in carry on luggage. 

3 |  Snacks- Ya'll, this girl is not fun to be around when she's hungry so you best believe I've got some trail mix in my bag from Trader Joe's and maybe a few cookies.. and I am not ashamed to say I always look up the menu options before any long flight. Girls' gotta eat. 

4 | Ear Plugs and Sleeping Mask- most airlines offer these on longer flights but I usually bring my own. I bought this silk sleep mask from Amazon that offers benefits to the skin especially in the dry aircraft. 

5 | One Easy Outfit- I always wear something comfy but pack a tee shirt dress in my carry on just in case I need a quick change or god forbid the luggage goes awry. 

6 | Socks- I learned this the hard way when traveling through Moscow to get to India. Not a sock to be found and my feet were freezing. 

7 | Beauty Bag- this includes tooth brush, travel deodorant, body lotion and face lotion, sometimes a face oil on an especially long flight, make up wipes, extra pair of under garments, Sephora face mask, tissues, light make up to freshen up, hand sanitizer, sunnies, nail file, hair ties, and a small brush. 

8 | Water Bottle- that I fill once through security and can save on some unnecessary plastic.

9 |  Headphones and Chargers- bring any and all chargers and don't forget those headphones! 

10 | Any and All Meds- I don't chance these getting lost in transportation so it's important to keep them with my personal items just in case. 

11 | Neck Pillow- and I have one I recommend!! Okay guys, this Turt Pillow is awesome and sold on amazon for under 30.00. It's obviously not the same as being in home in your own bed but it definitely adds a bit more comfort on long flights. I don't leave home without it! 

12 | All Printed Documents- this includes passport, I.D, Visa, all booking confirmations, all boarding passes/ flight documents, any additional transportation confirmations I.E. trains or busses. Basically, anything I could need while traveling that I couldn't access without wifi. 

Happy Travels, Loves! See you when I resurface in few days in FRANCE!!!