My Valentine's Day Checklist

Hip Hip Hooray for Valentine's Day!! 

I absolutely LOVE celebrating holidays and Valentine's Day is up there among my favourites. Yes, I have a honey but I also celebrated when I was single with at least dinner with my closest girlfriends and a glass of wine...or six! 

I take self care very seriously and think it is so important to find time to recharge before giving to others. If my cup is empty, I have nothing to give. Holiday's are a time when I like to treat myself so here's my list of Valentine's Day treats that I will be serving! 

First off- nails. I will have a totally separate post about the best, affordable nail salons in NYC but for now, getting my nails done is hands down one of my favorite treats. Despite what you may have heard, it's not that difficult to find affordable nail salons...even in Manhattan! I have a place that I love right around the corner from my apartment called New York Diva Nails and Spa. I ask for Lisa every time and get a wonderful mani for $10.00. Red was obviously the color of choice this time but my usual is neutral. 

Secondly, when it comes to my Valentine's Day look, I try to keep it simple. I am not a big fan of too much color so I prefer to add accents instead of all over. In my #OOTD I have a red clutch from Coach, my red accented slides that everyone mistakes for Gucci but really I bought them on (super amazing site if you're looking for a designer look but affordable...just plan for a little extra wait time in shipping.) Paired with a simple light grey sweater from H&M and my favourite ripped denim from Urban. Additionally, I've given two red lip options. For a bolder statement I recommend this Tarte red. If you're looking for just a light tinted red, my go to is Glossier. I've recently joined the Glossier band wagon and I will never look back. Some of my absolute favourite products!




Desserts, Desserts, third checklist item includes the most love filled sweets! So without going overboard on sugar I try to limit to my favourite sweet treat in NYC. Head on down to Bosie Tea Parlor in the heart of the West Village and I promise you will not be disappointed. From delicious teas to finger sandwiches, scones and macaroons, this place has it all- they even have a full service menu if you're not into the afternoon tea experience. This is my favourite spot in all of NYC and I have taken every one of my girlfriends for tea at one point or another. If you're looking for the perfect Galentine's Day spot, look no further. I spent a few hours in Bosie today myself and worked on some projects while sipping on some Earl Grey Cremé and munching on macaroons. Take a peek on their website for more info!


Bosie Tea Parlor

Bosie Tea Parlor

And lastly, to wrap up my Valentine's Day I spent the evening with my love. I cooked a little dinner and brought some Bosie treats home. When celebrating holidays, especially this busy one, I prefer to be in and cook with a glass of wine. Cooking helps me unwind after a long day and I love trying new recipes I find on pinterest! I think it's wonderful to have a day to celebrate the love in my life that I so easily take for granted. I was able to have a quiet morning of reflection and appreciation for the loved one's I've been blessed with and take that spirit into work for the afternoon with the two kids I nanny. I am thankful for another day to show and share love with those two and all those around me. And of course, my sweet love. Without getting too gushy, I have the most wonderful valentine and he has made every day valentine's day since the beginning. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful day filled with love and surrounded by the one's you care about most. I am sending all of the virtual hugs and love your way and hope that your cup is full and ready to go into tomorrow ready to be open and share. 

Much love as always,