Six Reminders why Fall is the Best Season

Fall is my absolute favorite season, especially in New York. When the summer heat starts to fade and the weather becomes crisp, the leaves start changing colors, and the smell of pumpkin is in the air, I feel the city start to prepare for the winter months, but not before giving us the most beautiful views in the city. Here’s a short list of my nesting patterns as the seasons change


I love a good, warm soup and settling in for the evening while watching a romantic movie…. or a thriller. (: Pinterest is my go to for all my recipes including soups. Find my soup pinterest page for some amazing recipes you should be making asap!


There’s something about movies in the fall. Not just movies at home but going to the theater and being nice and cozy inside with a big bag of popcorn. We have several really great movie theaters in New York that offer recliner seats and to me, they are well worth the money and are such a fun Friday night date spot!

But be sure to make your movie check list for this fall season.

Mine Includes

  • All Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies…honestly just all Meg Ryan movies. (why do hers always seem to coincide with holidays?)

  • The Harry Potter Series

  • Practical Magic (because duh.)

  • Autumn in New York

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Dead Poet Society

  • Double Double Toil and Trouble (yes, the Mary Kate and Ashley film.)

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Though it’s third on the list, this one might be my favorite. Fall attire is the most fun to shop for and wear, as it’s finally acceptable and encouraged to layer and include all of the fun boots and booties. No longer are you stripping down just to endure the heat and it’s not cold enough yet that you have to wear your parka. Fall weather is just the right temperature to show off that perfect style you’ve been storing away in your closet all summer. Sweaters in all shapes, colors and sizes, skinny jeans or loose pants that match any outfit, booties, loafers, slides, or cute sneakers… you name it, it’s in your style wheel house. Fall fashion is also followed by the perfect color schemes of blacks, whites, grays, navys, orange hues, and any and all camel colors. P.S. Find this look here.


This time of year I get the overwhelming urge to start baking again. Whether it’s a pumpkin loaf, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, gingerbread cookies, apple name it, I’ve got the bug to cook all of these over the next few months. So swing by my apartment for some goodies. I can guarantee The Great British Baking Show is on in my living room and something yummy is baking in the oven. I’ll serve you a cuppa with a touch of cinnamon and we’ve got fall in my living room.


Anthropologie Candle | Blue Pumpkin

Anthropologie Candle | Blue Pumpkin

The candle selections are just better. That’s it. One could argue that an Anthropologie Fir scented candle at Christmas is equally as wonderful but the pumpkin spice, vanilla cinnamon, pecan praline, candy apple, and camp fire are only a few of the flavors you have to choose from and are, in my opinion superior.


I mean, honestly…do I need to expound on this? How much fun is it to have a holiday dedicated to costumes and candy? That’s my kind of holiday. What are you going as this year to your neighborhood party?? David and I are going as the new Lara Croft and Daniel Wu. It’ll be cute (: stay tuned for pics.

So to wrap, Fall is just the best. I hope I’ve reminded you of some of the amazing things to take advantage of during this season and hopefully inspired you to feel a bit more festive in embracing this gorgeous time of year. Go watch some good movies, eat some yummy comfort food and treats, and figure out that halloween costume with the candles blazing in the back. Happy Fall, ya’ll.