This Is Twenty Seven

As I was sitting and reflecting on the last year, the goals I hit, the goals I’m still working towards, and the new one’s I’m adding to the list, I started thinking about how amazing twenty-six has been. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles, especially as an artist working in a tough industry, with multiple survival jobs. I began writing down all the things that have happened over the year and curated some of the highs and silly lows. I strongly encourage looking back over your year and writing the elements that have defined you both positively and negatively and how you grew from those.

In my 26th year...

1 | I started and created my own business and became my own boss. whoo!

2 | I now actively choose oatmeal raisin cookies and I sort of hate myself for it because everyone knows that raisins ruin everything…yet here we are, people.

3 | I finally realized I don’t need someone else to validate my work and my art. Though it’s still a tough lesson I’m practicing and has come with a lot of highs, lows, and “ah ha” moments this year.

4 | I spent a month in Europe with my best friend. Highly recommend. 

5 | I met and became the nanny to two of my favorite little babes on the planet and every day is another wonderful adventure with my two little creatives.

6 | I auditioned for the Juilliard school and I was so happy with my work I cried after my initial audition. I’m not ashamed. Although I was not accepted into the program, auditioning for Juilliard has always been a dream, and I felt honored to have been selected to audition for their graduate program. Their process is interesting in the way that they audition undergrad and graduate applicants together. It was a very cool full circle moment to see the teenie boppers auditioning where I was just a few short years ago and think back on the woman I’ve become since then. 

7 | I drank a lot of champagne and you better believe I will be enjoying a glass or six to bring in the weekend. (: Also, fun fact- champagne is not “technically” champagne unless the grapes were grown in the region of France known as “Champagne.”

8 | I paid off all of my student loans. WHAT’S UP 26. 

9 | I was summoned for jury duty and got put on a 3 month murder trial. Unfortunately I wasn’t selected due to outside circumstance but I was THERE FOR IT! 

10 | I bought a bikini online from a questionable company that I never received.... bummer. 

11 | I’ve really invested in my fashion sense and have enjoyed the hell out of it. I love coming up with new outfits and finding styles on a budge. When I dress for success, I am ready to tackle the day. Corny but I’ve found this motto to be true.

12 | I’ve invested in my work out routine and my skin care routine….they’re more similar than you may think. lol.

13 | I went to an Indian wedding in India and like traveled…to freaking India.. again with my best friend. Lucky. I’m a lucky gal. 

14 | Among things I actively choose these days- add dark chocolate to the list. The darker the better. I’ve realized I rather enjoy the bitter taste and honestly I think it’s because the more I become a New Yorker the more my soul feeds on the bitterness of the chocolate. (:

15 | I asked for specialty shampoo and conditioner for Christmas last year.. and again, I hate how much I love it but Moroccan oil hair products are just better and I will NEVER be too broke again to not be able to afford them. 

16 | I eat a lot more veggies. They’re good for your heart and your poo. You’re welcome. 

17 | I binged Parks and Rec three separate times. Not a joke. (And I’m going on my fourth) 

18 | I beat Boarderlands 2 on every expansion level with David. Andddd, we’ve just started round two with different characters. If you know, you know.

19 | I’ve started re-reading some acting books and have been super digging the work I’ve been doing as an actor. (Another lesson being learned- be proud of your work and wake up every day just trying to do better than your own work yesterday.) I also read some great crime novels, duh.  

20 | Did I mention that I feel deeper in love with my boyfriend because that happened and it’s awesome. 

21 | I learned the broiler setting is for the drawer under the oven and it’s not actually used for stacking up pans... who would’ve thought? 

22 | I cut out almost all carbs. Literally. No carbs. My brain is grateful... and probably my hips. 

23 | I realized it’s important to rest and prioritize myself...(but also hustle hard). I love being able to give to others, (why I started the blog) but I have to remember my best self is easier to give when I give her rest.

24 | I opened a Nordstrom credit card and haven’t looked back. (This is a great shopping card if you’re in the market for one.)

25 | I’ve partnered with several amazing, women-minded brands that I work with regularly and I’m proud to sponsor their products and be a face for their brands.

26 | I made my Off-Broadway debut as a lead in a musical.  

27 | I still have the same set of amazing friends and loved ones encouraging and inspiring me, and if none of the above happened, I would be filled with love resting in this fact alone.

Needless to say, 26 has been an amazing year and I feel the same energy and inspiration moving into 27. Bring it on late 20’s! I’m happy to meet ya. I encourage you all to stop and make a list of the badass things you’ve done and learned this year (even the hard lessons). Each one of you is a star and exactly on the path you’re suppose to be. Keep living, breathing, and loving the moments that are making you the person you’re growing to be. Be proud of that person and love them deeply.