Twelve Things Every New Yorker Understand

1 | You order most meals on an app including coffee. The Starbucks app has changed the coffee game in New York for better or for worse. Skipping the line and ordering coffee from home while running out the door has forever impacted my schedule for the better and my wallet for the worse. 

2 | Riding the metro is a necessary means to an end usually filled with live, unsolicited mariachi music and people clipping their toe nails. (I can't make that up.) 

3 | Grocery Shopping with your partner at Whole Foods on a Sunday is the greatest test to your relationship. 

4 | Oh, this is a cash only bar?? Great. I have a dollar to give the homeless man on the subway. That's it. WHAT'S EVEN THE POINT! 

5 | Times Square is every New Yorkers vision of what hell might actually look like. New Yorkers do everything in their power to avoid this busy tourist trap. And while I'm glad it funnels money into the city it can stay in its little box and I will kindly go around it. 

6 | $1,000 rent is considered cheap rent in a relatively nice neighborhood in the city. I paid 256.00 to rent a room in college... You do the math. 

7 | Pleasantries are non existent and taboo. The idea of a cashier actually trying to talk to you is an actual nightmare. 

8 | New York is made up of the worst people in the world and simultaneous the best people in the world. The person who pushes you on the subway will quickly jump to your aid the moment you need it. 

9 | The left side of the escalator is reserved for whatever hurricane is late for their next date and needs to sprint up the stairs so please don't block the left side. It's an unspoken rule but would cause a lot less frustration if it was just an actual law. 

10 | If I had a dollar for every time I've been caught in a random, mid afternoon rainstorm without an umbrella I'd have at least 6 umbrellas. 

11 | Living on the Upper West Side and dating a guy in Brooklyn is basically like being in a long distance relationship. 

12 | The need to have a vacay away from the city is great but the need to get back to city is even greater. 

New York City. It's crazy, it's beautiful, it's home.