When It's Been a Week...

So my Monday Musings were only the beginning of what turned out to be quite the week. I sat down with David's family for a traditional, home cooked Chinese dinner and found that my stress level was to the point that my chopsticks were shaking in my hands. It was the end of the week before I even realized that I'd survived it. I also quickly realized I needed to take the weekend and de-stress and focus on some serious me time. So! Here's my go to relaxation weekend that doesn't have me spending two hundred on a luxury massage.


My number one way to relax which I've already discussed some is getting my nails done. There is just something about having a fresh color and shaping that makes me feel like a new woman. One of the greatest things about NYC is there's always a hole in the wall nail spot right around the corner. Is it a spa treatment? No, but for a $10 mani, I expect nothing less than a conversation behind my back and a small chip in the polish before I walk out the door. 

Drinks. I take drinking very seriously and I don't just mean alcoholic. It is so important to remain hydrated when the body is going through anything other than it's norm, and even then I still focus on how well I'm hydrating. Of course wine played a huge part of my unwinding weekend, but tea and water are main components in my relaxation phase. When I still have work to get done over the weekend, I love to go to my favorite tea spot and have a pot of earl grey creme, put in my headphones and work away. This ensures work gets done while giving it a personal touch and enjoying it! 

Sleep, sleep, sleep and some more sleep. I love my bed. I love to be up and productive but I would lay in bed all day if I could. Sleep is so important for me to truly feel like myself and I've always been this way. I like to do a hair treatment mask and use my special night serums on my face when I have the time to wake up slow the following morning. I also love waking up on the weekends and cooking a big breakfast. Reminds me of home, and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I cook most of my meals at home but something about Saturday morning breakfast gives me life. 

Lastly, I like to indulge and pamper. I keep Sephora eye masks on hand when I come off sleep deprived and stressful weeks. I try to stick to a strict menu during the week, counting my calories and limiting my sugar intake but there's something chocolate does to stress that can't be compared. I usually pop by my bodega downstairs on the way home, pick up a Lindt chocolate bar with Hazelnuts and a bottle of cheap champagne. Yes, there, I said it. Cheap champagne. Maybe it's that I've instilled the idea of champagne as a part of celebrating in my life, therefore when I drink it I feel fancier but something about a bubbly wine makes me feel the metaphorical clean slate after a long week. And of course, the perfect guilty pleasure tv show. I am really into the British series Midsomer Murders... There are twenty four seasons, so if British murder mysteries are up your alley I highly recommend. However, no shame in sticking to the classic rom coms, i equally get behind those... and thank god, so does Dave. (:

To recap...Wine, chocolate (substitutions acceptable), face masks and trashy tv. 

Some time spent with friends in Brooklyn

Some time spent with friends in Brooklyn

NYC is packed with people and life no matter where you live is stressful and hectic at times so finding time alone and learning to relax are important and necessary. Plan things to look forward even as simple as a weekend at home to help you destress. Make time for yourself and your needs. I am unable to give if I don't fill myself first so it's important for me to find this time and know when to relax. I hope you can find space moving into this week to put yourself first and remember that life is a journey not an end goal so enjoy the moments along the way. As always, learning to practice what I preach. 

Much love,